Thrice Filtered Cold Brew Coffee

On these warm days, a cold brew coffee is welcome. Just remember to start this one the day before.

Takes: at least 24 hours

You will need

  • A jug (2L or thereabouts)
  • A caffetiere (1L)
  • A tea strainer
  • A coffee filter and conical filter holder
  • Fresh ground coffee
  • Fresh ground decaf coffee
  • Patience

If you have a choice, get the coarsest grind of coffee you can, it’ll make your life easier later on.


Put six heaped dessert spoons of coffee, and the same amount of decaf, into the jug. Fill up with water and stir, then leave it overnight in a safe, cool place like the back of a cupboard.

In the morning, put the tea strainer over the caffetiere and pour the liquid in (once). Give it a minute to settle, then push the caffetiere down (twice).

Wash the jug out, and set up the coffee filter on top of it. Slowly pour from the caffetiere through the filter (thrice). When it’s all done, fill up the jug with cold water. Serve with optional milk.