Genre: Philosophical, Slice of life
Score: Very Good

Mushi are the purest form of life. Though invisible they are all around us, neither good nor evil, and their intrusion into human life can sometimes be a blessing, and sometimes a curse. Those few who can see them are often drawn to the life of a Mushi Master, studying them and applying that knowledge. One such is Ginko.

There’s very little continuity between episodes of this. Each story typically involves Ginko travelling, encountering people who have been affected by mushi. Sometimes he simply uncovers a story and marvels at the mystery. Sometimes he helps people whose lives are afflicted by the mushi. And sometimes he fails, returns a place a year after dispensing advice to find devastation.

The mushi themselves are somewhat like active plants or primitive animals, in myriad forms. The odd storytelling manages to make them both scientifically feasible, and spiritual. Ginko’s attitude is similarly one of combining knowledge with wisdom. To do his job as a Mushi Master, he must know how the mushi work and how to manipulate them; but he must also respect them. He knows from past failures just how much damage some mushi can do, and how dangerous it can be to treat them lightly.