Genre: Action, Harem
Score: Ok

When big mech-like things from another dimension invade, only the Pandora girls of Genetics Academy can stop them. While the girls fight with super-speed and magical weapons, each is supported by a male partner whose only power is “freezing”, stopping the enemy’s movement. ‘s sister was one of the most famous Pandora before dying in battle some years ago. Now he arrives at the Academy, and finds himself attracted to the most infamous, dangerous girl in school: Satellizer L. Bridgette.

Somebody was watching Battle Vixens one day and complained “This isn’t violent or sexy enough! I want broken bones, severed limbs, intestines and lots of breasts!” So they made a series where the girls can heal almost any injury, meaning they can be injured more badly each time; and where the clothes magically regrow, so they can be ripped off even more often.

As with Battle Vixens, there is a serious plot, but not one you’ll be able to take seriously. The girls are more concerned with power struggles and social games than with anything to do with the enemy, and in particular with bullying Satellizer and anyone connected to her. She’s too talented and too much of a loner for their liking. Bullying at this school takes the form of beating practically to death – and every time she manages to defend herself just makes them more jealous. Children are petty and power corrupts – who knew?