Genre: Sports, harem
Score: OK
Rating: PG for fanservice

The girls’ basketball team is in trouble. They don’t have enough members, all but one of them is smaller than a basketball, and without any victories they’re on the brink of being disbanded. Their instructor brings in her high school age nephew Subaru, whose own school basketball team is suspended, to help coach them for a few days – but can he really leave after that?

Sports anime come in all shapes and sizes, including tiny. The story is mostly carried by how cute these primary school girls are, with their determination and naïveté. It’s no surprise that Subaru can’t leave after two episodes (which would make for a pretty short series) – he sticks around to coach the team to some sort of victory, and help each of the girls overcome their own obstacles.

Though not officially fanserviceful, there is something dubious about watching 12-year-old girls in sports kit (or occasionally maid outfits). Subaru does well to avoid the danger, but there’s little doubt that in a few years his team will grow up enough to be a harem.