Dai Mahou Touge

aka Magical Witch Punie-chan
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Sick
Length: 4 two-part episodes
Score: Bad

A princess from the magical kingdom comes to Earth to complete her apprenticeship. But she’s actually an expect in joint-breaking, bone-crunching wrestling moves – after all, her mother got to be Queen because she killed everyone else. Much outrageous violence ensues.

This blessedly short series has a lot in common with Dokuro or Guu: a sweet-looking girl who’s horribly violent and breaks the laws of reality to suit her. However, both of those series used the trope to further some effect. In Guu, the point was of how Guu traumatised Hare by taking over his life, bringing stranger and more freaky events while Hare wanted everything to be normal again, and everyone around him was blind to it. It was kind of amusing in small doses but 26 episodes was too much of it (and the sequels just weren’t worth bothering with). In Dokuro, the point was of taking the tropes of romantic or harem anime and one by one turning them sick, silly or both. For the four episodes of the main series it was amusing enough when drunk, but the sequel blew it.

Dai Mahou Touge has the occasional spot of amusement, but not enough to last through four episodes. The shock factor is completely random and wasted. If there are more than 4 episodes, don’t tell me as I won’t be watching them.