Usagi Drop

Genre: Drama
Score: Very good

Daikichi goes home to attend his grandfather’s funeral. Along with the rest of his family, he discovers that his grandfather had a secret: a very young daughter, Rin. With the mother’s nowhere to be found, Rin is alone now. Annoyed that nobody else is willing to look after her Daikichi takes her home.

This really is just the story of a guy unexpectedly having to learn how to be a father. Don’t make the mistake of assuming a story about children must be childish, this has real plot to it – Rin has her grief to deal with, and a whole new life to get used to; and Daikichi must gradually wake up to how every priority in his life has now changed. But it’s quite gentle in its plotting, and doesn’t really twist at all. In the end it comes down to whether you like the characters or not, and I found I did.