Goshuushou-sama Ninomikya-kun

(“You have my condolences, Ninomiya-kun”)
Genre: Harem comedy
Rating: 12 for fanservice
Length: 12 episodes
Score: Good

Ninomiya isn’t your typical harem lead: he’s the kind of boy who dislocates his shoulder to escape from teasing classmates, who can beat up a polar bear, and who can incapacitate an assailant while asleep (literally). His sister is even more extreme, and apparently works as a hero mercenary, a bit like Sousuke from FMP. But now he’s got the toughest assignment yet: he has to look after a cute, clumsy, buxom, disaster-attracting, naive girl (think Mikuru turned up to 11) with one extra secret – she’s a succubus. Meaning if he succumbs and gets too close, she could drain the life out of him. Also, for reasons that aren’t satisfactorily explained, the richest girl in the northern hemisphere decides to be their maid.

Okay, I can’t actually defend this one. It’s a complete fanservice fest that doesn’t even have an especially good plot to redeem it. The only reason it’s got a good score is that it’s consistently such fun. The scenarios start simple and quickly escalate into extreme madcap riots – for example, a simple request for ramen results in a trip round the world and a four-way intoxicated yuri costume fest.