Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

aka “Idiots, tests and summoned beings”
Genre: Action, comedy
Score: Good

Fumizuki Academy has an unusual policy. Classes are rated A to F, and the quality of equipment and environment ranges from luxury to poverty. To move up the ladder and swap positions, you need to beat the class above in a magical battle with summoned avatars – where the power of your avatar is related to your latest test scores. If you want the power to get to a better environment, you need to study.

The lead is a confessed idiot, who accepts his position in class F; but what motivates him to fight is Himeji, the genius girl who was sick on the day of the exam and unfairly relegated to class F.

This is absurd silly comedy, full of catch-phrases and quick gags, with absolutely no depth whatsoever.