Dog Days

Genre: Action
Score: OK
Rating: 12 for fanservice

The country of Biscotti (whose residents all have dog ears) is in trouble with its warlike neighbor Galette (where they all have cat ears). So Princess Millhiore uses ancient magic to summon a hero to lead them to victory: a boy from our world.

This is war light. Nobody ever dies in the friendly wars in this series – in fact it’s seen as a form of entertainment, with obstacle courses a bit like Takeshi’s Castle, and the soldiers pay an entry fee to be allowed to join in (with a promise of a payout if they win, and rewards if they’re heroic). Anybody who’s defeated turns into a cute little ball of fluff for a few hours, and gets carried off the battlefield to the refreshment tent. Luckily our hero is a former finalist on some sort of obstacle endurance show, and finds that the athletic skills that were going to wasted in his other life make him a perfect fit as Biscotti’s hero.

There is tiny bit of peril when the plot kicks in, but otherwise this is just a very silly series. All the characters are named after biscuits or cakes, and many of them are cute (if a bit dumb). It’s stupid, but I must confess to quite enjoying this. Despite having no depth at all, it’s harmless, cheerful and gets extra points for having a Cornish protagonist.