Seitokai Yakuindomo

aka “members of the student council”
Genre: Comedy
Score: Very Good
Rating: 18 for sexual themes

Tsuda joins a school that until this year was all-girls. On his first day he’s roped into the student council as “male representative”, and has to put up with the three girls and their trash talk.

A turning around of anime norms, that actually makes perfect sense: in an all girl environment, people have gotten into the habit of speaking openly about things you shouldn’t discuss in mixed company. More than that, the girls in this series are downright filthy, deftly turning any conversation into a discussion of masturbation, vibrators, tampons, comdoms, inappropriate student relationships, inappropriate teacher-student relationships, etc. One of them even wears a chastity belt.

I should probably clarify that this series is all talk. At no point does it devolve into panty shots or skimpy swimsuits, nor does Tsuda enjoy a harem. It works all the better for staying with the character comedy it’s built up.

It’s quick gag comedy rather than anything deep, but if you’re not overly sensitive then you’ll probably enjoy it.