Coyote Ragime Show

Genre: Action, Sci-fi
Score: OK
Rating: PG for occasional violence

Once upon a time, a master thief called Blues stole the entire contents of the galactic bank (think Fort Knox). He never got to spend the dough, but instead hid it on a planet called Graceland. The government kept quiet about it, to prevent the economy from crashing. Now, some years later, Blues’ old team plus his daughter are back together and hoping to reclaim the biggest haul ever. Pity that Graceland is about to be blown up. That’s politics for you.

This series really wants to be Cowboy Bebop, but just isn’t. If you’re willing to set that allusion aside though, it’s quite enjoyable. Plenty of neat fight scenes, nothing too challenging to think about.

edit: upon rewatching this on telly, I’m reminded of how much fun it is.