Genre: Comedy
Score: Very good

Nichijou follows in the path of Azumanga or Lucky Star: a slice-of-life comedy with very little plot but focus on the characters. The twist is not just the level of bafflingness, but the amount of trolling that goes on.

Among the most adorable characters are Nano the robot who just wants to be normal, and the little girl “Professor” who built her. Professor keeps adding the sort of things children would add to a robot, like a built in juice dispenser, pancake griddle, USB-enabled toe or machine gun. There’s a group of three classmates who mostly troll each other: the ditzy one who never does her homework, the mangaka with anger management issues, and the… completely out of it one. There’s also a guy who rides to school on a goat, a girl who regularly shoots him with rocket launchers as a way of expressing her affection, a headmaster who battles deer, a go-soccer club, and so on.

It’s sweet, funny and completely nuts.