Genre: Sci-fi, Drama, Adventure
Length: 7 episodes
Score: Good

Takeru, Kazuma and Biz are bored boys, biker punks driving dangerous races round their little corner of the moon. One day, while doing community service on the lunar surface, Takeru stumbles upon a photo of a girl – and a hint that the Earth isn’t as dead as they’d been led to believe. It’s something that the authorities would rather people not know.

In only 7 episodes, Freedom moves quickly and does a good job of conjuring up two worlds. From bratty wannabe delinquents, Takeru and his friends quickly become the target of a government lockdown. They grow up a lot, but not so much that it’s unconvincing – they’re still reckless and stupid, making plenty of mistakes.

The visual style is a little strange – most if not all of the series is done in CG, as a faux-anime style – similar to the Appleseed films, though far less flamboyant. It looks a bit strange on occasion, and I wouldn’t want all anime to be made like this, but is well done. It fits well during the races, space travel and other such parts.

For what it delivers in a short space, this series is worth checking out.