aka History’s Strongest Disciple, Kenichi or Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Genre: Shounen
Length: 50 episodes
Score: Good

Kenichi is in the Karate club, but he’s more of a punchbag than a fighter. When he’s challenged to a fight with the strongest guy around, he goes looking for help and finds a dojo full of strange old men who scare him away – and a cute girl who keeps him coming back. With a week’s training, he trounces his opponent – and in doing so attracts the attention of stronger fighters.

Some anime are based on games. This seems to be based on every 8-bit fighting game in existence. The plot is simple, the ideas unoriginal, but it’s consistently amusing. And as far as I can tell, both the techniques and the philosophy of martial arts are all quite realistic – at least at the beginning.