Invasion! Squid Girl!

aka “Shinryaku! Ika Musame!”
Genre: Comedy
Score: Good

In response to humanity’s careless pollution, of the sea, Squid Girl vows to conquer the land. She starts by trying to invade one beach-side cafe, and ends up working there.

Squid Girl is, as expected, a little girl who happens to have squid-like tentacles. Stop smirking, this isn’t that sort of series. She can use these tentacles to lift great weights, she can spit ink, she can even glow in the dark. She’s also terrified of sharks. But she knows absolutely nothing about humanity, and winds up practically adopted by the owners of the cafe (and also taken advantage of by them). Only one girl sees Squid Girl as a real danger to the world, but nobody believes her.

It’s an utterly absurd concept, but this series is silly, cute and fun.