Sumomo mo Momo mo

(“peaches and plums”)
Genre: Harem, Comedy
Score: OK
Rating: 15 for nudity

Koushi comes from a one of the twelve families of legendary martial artists, but to his father’s consternation he’s not at all interested in learning to fight – he’d rather be a lawyer, and responds to threats of violence by quoting the criminal code at people and running away. He’s also none too pleased with his arranged engagement to Momoko, the heir to another family and possibly the strongest ever girl under three feet tall, who seems to have the curious idea that he’s her hero. Jumping over the school is bad enough, but it would at least be nice if she stopped summoning dragons. With a law book in his hand and the hyperactive Momoko protecting him, he finds himself dodging between other freaky martial artists who plan to either kill him or marry him.

It’s got comedy, violence, fanservice and is just generally nuts. If you liked Ranma, Love Hina or Tenchi Muyo, you’ll like this.