Hellsing Ultimate (2006)

Genre: Horror
Score: OK
Rating: 15 for violence
Length: 4 double-length episodes

Ceres is a naive English policewoman. When her squad is sent to take out a vampire in a small country village, they’re all slaughtered and turned into zombies. The vampire-hunting vampire Alucard, working for the British Hellsing Order, arrives and defeats the baddies, but not without rendering Ceres fatal wounds. She’s given a choice: die or be reborn as a creature of the night.

Hellsing offers blood, violence, blood, freaky supernatural stuff, blood, very bad Engrish, blood, tight-fitting outfits on a bust the size of Essex, and blood. (the dub will no doubt add very bad English accents to that)

This is a remake of Hellsing, in a different style to the series released in 2001, and in longer 50-minute episodes. It sounds like a neat idea, and there are bits of it that are nice touches compared to the original, but overall it misses some of the point. At any rate, if you care, go watch the original first.