Parasite Dolls

Genre: Drama, Sci fi
Length: 85 mins
Score: OK
Rating: 15 for violence and nudity

This film is set in the future world of Bubblegum Crisis, only without the ‘heroes’. It’s approximately 2040, and humanity is served in many ways by robots called ‘boomers’. But sometimes boomers stop being obedient and become wildly murderous. To control this threat there is a special branch, the AD Police. Parasite Dolls is a series of three unconnected detective stories following a police team.

Each of the three stories is dark and moody with occasional outbursts of fairly graphic violence. There’s not much character development or anything to endear you to the detectives themselves, so the whole thing feels a bit pointless. The mysteries aren’t particularly mysterious, there are no real answers, and the bad guys barely stand out against the general nastiness of the whole town. It also assumes that you’re familiar with the basic ideas of Bubblegum Crisis (at least, one of the versions of it).

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