Giniro no Olynssis

Genre: Mecha, Romance
Score: Good

It is the year 3567 and a barrier that disrupts space and time covers all of Earth. Humanity has rendered Earth almost uninhabitable and settled on the moon and other planets in the solar system. As part of his vision to restore humanity’s “holy land”, the Lunar Consul has sent organic machines called Gardeners to repair the Earth’s battered surface, somewhat to the chargrin of the folks eeking out an existence on Earth. Tokito Aizawa is part of a group of hunters who destroy Gardeners and sell the scrap parts. After encountering a girl named Tia who calls him ‘Koichi’, and her machine, Silver, life becomes rather more complicated.

I downloaded this more out of curiosity than anything else, not normally being a mecha enthusiast. This series manages to cross genres in the same way that things like Full Metal Panic combined mecha with comedy, and Demonbane combined mecha with romance. The plot is also riddled with twists and turns, quite a few of which in the later episodes were rather unexpected. Well worth a watch.