Love Pheromone vs. Gedou Otome Tai

Genre: Comedy, Magical Girl
Score: OK
Rating: PG for fanservice

Love Pheromone are allies of justice: two magical girls who use any and all force to defeat the bad guys. And if there aren’t any bad guys around, they’ll defeat whoever they can find. Not only do they have a habit of levelling whatever they were supposed to protect, but the two of them are also loli-con and shota-con respectively.

Gedou Otome Tai (roughly translated: “Heathen Maiden Squad”) are evil magical girls. Their deceased parents were both low-ranking workers in evil organisations, and for their memory the five girls must try to be the best evil they can. Unfortunately they are the sweetest, kindest witches ever to ravage the city, and every attempt to cause suffering ends up making the world a better place.

This series has a split personality: two names, two sets of opening credits, and each episode is split roughly in two, following the two teams. As you can see, neither team is particularly good at their job. This is a piss-take of everything magical girl related ever created, as well as Thunderbirds, Transformers, japanese game shows where people are made to do outrageous things, and pretty much anything else that gets in the way. It can’t be accused of having any depth to it, but it’s often funny.