The Sacred Blacksmith

Genre: Action, drama
Score: Very Good
Rating: 12 for violence and death

Cecily is a knight, sworn to protect the city of Housman. But when her family’s sword is broken, she finds the best blacksmith in the city and implores him to make her a replacement. He refuses on the grounds that she’s rubbish.

This series takes a dark turn very quickly. The human world is plagued by demons; a demon is created from a person who has read out the words inscribed on their own heart. No, that isn’t figurative. The only chance humans have of standing against them is with demon swords, animate blades that can take on human form. Cecily is charged by the city with protecting one such priceless artefact, a sword whose human form is a girl called Aria.

As wielder of a demon sword, Cecily attracts a lot of attention unwanted. For some reason so do her boobs: you don’t see a lot of them, but people do seem to keep talking about them, enough to earn this series the nickname of Sacred Boobsmith.

An interesting dark story, just let down by being too short to develop properly.