Occult Academy

Genre: Supernatural drama
Score: Excellent
Rating: 12 for death and apocalypse

Maya, the daughter of the headmaster of Waldstein Academy, returns home for her father’s funderal, and just in time to inherit the academy. As if this wasn’t bad enough it appears that the world is due to end in a month or two.

This series has a wonderful premise: Nosferatu’s predictions were right, and the world did end in 1999 – it was invaded by creatures from another dimension who enslaved the earth. Now one man has been sent back in time to prevent this by finding and destroying the “Nosferatu key” – whatever it may be. Shame he’s a moron.

The man in question becomes a teacher at the eponymous academy, a place where the supernatural is studied and explored. As is expected of meddling in the occult, this seems to go wrong more often than not. The wonderful contast in this series is that Maya rocks at dealing with it, all while vehemently denying its existence. She’s like a vampire slayer, only in denial. They end up dealing with zombies, ghosts, near-death experiences, crop circles and chupacabra.

Great fun, mind-bending logic and a huge finale.