Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

aka “And the town still turns”
Genre: Comedy
Score: Good

Hotori works at Cafe Seaside, a maid cafe with a difference: it’s crap. It’s small, the maids are ugly, surly and in Hotori’s case a bit thick, the decor is shabby and the food and drinks are mediocre. Hotori’s friend Toshiko is horrified by the un-maid-like atmosphere and determines to change it.

Hotori is the kind of girl that, if this were a Ghibli film, would have an adventure, learn about herself and end up wiser. Sadly no such thing happens and wisdom continues to elude her.

An antidote to the overly-sexed maid experience of He Is My Master or Ladies Versus Butlers, this quirky little series is kind of fun. Sadly it doesn’t quite have the legs for even 12 episodes and peters out toward the end.