aka “What if the manager of a high school baseball club read Peter Drucker’s ‘Management’?”
Genre: Drama, sports
Score: OK

Minami takes over as manager of her school’s baseball team as a favour to a friend, and goes looking for a suitable book to help. She chances on a famous book for business managers, and tries to apply the rules within to the team.

As far as I can tell, the “manager” of a school sports team is just someone who picks up the balls, keeps some paperwork and cheers at games. So the idea of this series is to ask what difference a real management approach could make to it. It’s an interesting exercise to see how the rules of business management are adapted to running a very different sort of organisation, and how somebody with no actual authority can apply them.

Unfortunately, not only is the premise fully stated in the title, but the ending is given in the introduction to each episode, and any other bits of the journey that might be at all surprising are telegraphed well in advance. The question at the start of each episode is not “is X going to happen?” but “is this the episode when X happens?”