Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufu wo

(“goddess’s celebration for Mamoru” *)
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Score: Good

“Beatrice” is for some reason the name of the magic that this world is full of. Mamoru doesn’t seem to have any ability, but he still gets sent to a special school for Beatrice users (“Beatricians”?). There he runs into Ayako, one of the strongest Beatrice users around and cute to boot, who mysteriously decides to fall completely in love with this powerless twit who’s half her height. The student council then takes it upon themselves to interfere as much as possible to get the two of them together.

I’ve seen some exotic schools in anime – Utena’s school had a magical castle hidden in the grounds, Kujibiki’s student president meets the prime minister every week, and the fighters in Ikkitousen regularly destroy walls and floors and the city’s education budget seems to swallow it up. But the student council here seems to have an unlimited budget for setting up traps and defending their fortress against the world’s forces.

This series makes no sense, but is enjoyable and pleasing to the eyes without being particularly fanservicey. The opening chapters are a bit predictable, but it gets better later on.

* the name is only part of a phrase, so translating it is damned difficult.