The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Genre: Sci fi, slice of life
Score: Excellent
Length: film

Makoto gains the ability to jump around in time, and uses it to sleep in for longer, to get an extra pudding and set her friends up on dates. But gradually she realises the significance of what she’s doing and the danger it poses to those around her.

This is a beautifully produced film, whose story works because it keeps the scope very small. Despite bending time and space, it stays focused on the core few characters, and it develops them well. The chance to try the same events time and again means you see people from different angles, and how they react under different circumstances.

There are a few plot holes in it, but that’s almost to be expected in time travel stories. The film is fun, charming and probably a very good thing to show people you want to bring into the anime fold.