Genre: Action
Score: Good (possibly excellent – will adjust rating if I ever see the end of it)
Rating: 12 for violence

The Witchblade is a weapon which has been part of human history for millennia. When it chooses a woman to possess, it becomes an unremovable part of her body, making her strong but also threatening to take over her mind with its lust for fighting. Its latest owner is Masane, who lost her memory during some massive destructive event six years and was found clutching her daughter. She must now try to control its power and keep her humanity, while battling various new bioweapons – including artificial ones modelled after the Witchblade.

Just to get it out the way, this series has little to do with the original Witchblade comic books – the premise is the same, but the plot is all new. This is quite a dark story, but with very likeable characters. The relationship between mother and daughter is done really well, as are the moral ambiguities of her position when she’s hired by a huge company to clean up a set of human-shaped weapons that have got loose and are killing people around the city.

I wish there was more of this – the fansubbers ground to a halt partway through, damn it.

Note that the version shown on TV and therefore fansubbed is somewhat censored compared to the DVDs.