Lotte no Omocha!

Genre: Harem comedy
Score: OK
Rating: 12 for fanservice

Astalotte is a succubus… or will be when she grows up. Her chief servant Judit insists that she needs to choose at least one man for her harem, before her succubus nature starts to exert itself. She stubbornly insists that only a human will do, a creature of legend that hasn’t been seen in Ygvar for millennia. So Judit travels between worlds to hire one – a Japanese man named Naoya.

It should be pointed out, so that there’s no confusion, that this is a sexual comedy about a ten-year old girl and a man who’s old enough to be her father. In fact, Naoya has a daughter the same age as Lotte, who shortly joins them in Ygvar. Naoya becomes the first (and for now only) member of Lotte’s harem, in readiness for the time her body’s needs awaken.

That said, the series is remarkably light on the harem and fanservice elements from that point on. Instead it’s about Naoya helping Lotte with such charming things as making friends, coping with how busy her mother is, and being stubborn about her favourite brand of milk (provided by a buxom, cow-eared maid). Okay, yes, it’s dirty – but not as dirty or plotless as the premise could suggest.