Genre: Horror, Action
Score: Good
Rating: 15 for violence

Saya is adopted – she has no memories of her life further than a year ago – but she’s busy trying to make her new life work. Then a teacher at her school is killed by a monster, and and her old life – as an ancient vampire, and the only creature in the world able to kill the monsters – is thrust upon her. Saya must somehow choose between the roles she’s supposed to play, caught between Red Shield (an organisation dedicated the destroying the monsters), Haji (who has been her companion for centuries, even if she doesn’t remember it) and her new family.

This is a sequel to the 2000 film “Blood: The Last Vampire”, but the drawing style is completely different and unlike the film this does (eventually) explain what’s going on. Through the course of it we move from ground level, where getting rid of the monsters is simply pest control, up through the levels to gradually get closer to the people (or things) that are pulling all the strings. My favourite stopping-off point are the Sif, failed experiments in artificial vampire creation, who have a limited time to live unless they can get the right blood.