Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

Genre: Fighting, Fanservice
Score: OK
Rating: 15 for violence and ample nudity
Length: 12 episodes

This sequel to Ikkitousen gives us everything the original had but more so: there are more cute girls fighting, more clothes that inexplicably disintegrate at the first punch (except the underwear, which can survive a nuclear explosion), and most crucially the story makes even less sense than before.

The concept, as far as I can tell, is this: schoolkids have (for reasons never fully explained) inherited the roles, names, characteristics and destinies of warriers of various factions fighting 1800 years ago in China, specifically the campaigns leading up to the oddly-named Battle Of Chibi in AD 208. This means that they fight each other when their counterparts fought, their victories and defeats are the same as their counterparts from 1800 years before, and they even die in approximately the same way their counterparts dies. The difference is that instead of countries you have schools, instead of amassed armies you have superpowered individuals, and instead of grizzly old men you have cute girls. They live out the destinies assigned for them, despite knowing full well what history tells them is going to happen.

What’s baffling is that the series continues to take this premise seriously, despite it being largely impossible to follow what’s going on, and despite the fact that what you generally see on screen is scantily clad young female fighters with powerful battle auras and adamantium undies.

If you like fanservice and won’t be put off by the confusing plot, you may enjoy this.

(note: the original Ikkitousen is available on the shelves under the name Battle Vixens)