Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Genre: Action, harem comedy
Score: Good
Rating: PG for fanservice, cross-dressing and violence

There’s a killer in Ayumu’s neighbourhood. One night he finds a house broken into, goes in to investigate – and is impaled with a sword before he can even see the killer. Lucky for him, he’s brough back to life by a passing necromancer.

This is a contender for fastest switch from light to dark. One the one hand it’s a harem comedy, as the spare rooms in Ayumu’s house fill up with cute girls of various supernatural persuasions, most of whom kick him around like a piƱata – Ayumu’s invincibility comes in handy, but that doesn’t save him from the embarassment of flying through the air naked or landing in the middle of a football field wearing a pink dress. But the plot when it kicks in is shocking.

Most interesting is the character of the necromancer, whose power is so great that with a single word she can reshape the world, bringing life or death – such that she cannot speak at all for fear of the effect it could have. Power like that doesn’t save you from the consequences: if you save a person’s life, are you then responsible for the actions they take?