Fantastic Children

Genre: Drama
Length: 26 episodes
Score: Good

Throughout history they have appeared: The Children Of Befort, an unchanging group of children with white hair, glimpsed by never known. First recorded in 1489, they have appeared to the present day, searching for something.

The story follows Helga, an orphan on an island somewhere in the tropics. All her life she’s been haunted by a single image, that she keeps drawing repeatedly, of a floating island and a large crescent. It seems that the Children Of Befort are interested in her for some reason.

It’s hard to describe any further without spoilers, but it goes in some unexpected directions from there.

This anime has a simplified way of drawing people, but don’t be mistaken: this is a complicated and serious story, not at all childish. Its style is similar to Now & Then, Here & There, though it’s thankfully not as depressing. The simple look also doesn’t mean a drop in production values, the animation and backgrounds are all well done. There’s also some nice music.

My DVDs were a bit shaky, so I’m going to get rips done just in case. On the bright side, they unexpectedly came with a soundtrack.