Level E

Genre: Sci fi, comedy
Score: Excellent

Aliens live among us: hundreds of species live on earth and come to visit, and humans simply haven’t noticed. Tsutsui is moving to a new town to play baseball, but when he arrives he finds a strange man already living in his apartment (and news reports of a crashed UFO nearby). He slowly starts to realise that there’s something strange and dangerous going on around this man – dangerous to both of them and to the world.

It’s not often I give a comedy the Excellent rating, but Level E is unusual. For a start it’s rare for anime, particularly comedies, to not be about children, romance, sex or action. It’s also¬†really¬†hard to describe this series without spoilers, so I’ll just say that you need to see at least the first three episodes.

No, really. Go watch them now.