Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou

aka “the demon king at the back”
Genre: Harem comedy
Score: OK
Rating: 12 for mild nudity and fanservice

Students joining the Constant Magickal Academy are given their church-sanctioned, 100% accurate fortunes telling them their future career paths: doctor, lawyer, vet, politicina. But when Sai Akuto (whose name is The Worst) arrives, his fortune says that he will become the Demon King. Though he’s done nothing wrong, this instantly affects what the class think of him.

What this series tries to do is explore the meaning of hero and villain. Whether somebody is a hero because everybody believes them, or because of what they do? Is somebody a villain for going against the peaceful order of things, even if they believe that order to be wrong? The series leads you down a path of realising that the hero and villain roles initially ascribed are only the surface, and reality is more complicated.

Unfortunately, despite these interesting ideas, it spends too much of its time waving panties in your face and not enough developing plot.