Remake of Evangelion: 1.01

Genre: Mech drama
Length: film (1 of 4)
Score: OK

This recreation of Evangelion is pretty much identical to the first few episodes of the series – scene for scene, word for word – except it’s prettier. It’s not a remastering, either: every frame has been redrawn, including many of them in the sort of 3d that wasn’t available at the time, but they’ve been done in the exact shadow of the original. They’ve trimmed some of the fat off and rearranged a couple of things to make it more film-shaped, but otherwise nothing’s changed.

So if you liked Evangelion you’ll like the remake. If you didn’t, you won’t.

That said, this does only apply to the first film. I’ve yet to see what they’ll do to the end of the story, since that was always the worst part – the original series had a crap ending, and the two films that followed made it worse. They have an opportunity to fix that.