Genre: Mystery drama
Score: Good
Rating: 12 for violence

Hiroshi’s family move to a picturesque town in the mountains. He makes friends, but soon discovers that there are things they aren’t willing to talk about – like the unspoken animosity between the old and new parts of town, or the string of recent murders. Hiroshi’s no detective, but he happens to culprits one night: a group of people in masks and capes, and a girl with an enormous scythe.

The name is a portmanteu of “wolf” and “spirited away”, referring to the town’s dirty secret: the way people disappear in the middle of the night. The series is rich with atmosphere, as Hiroshi’s suspicions grow and the people around him act strange. But it was a little confused on the plot (though at times it seemed the translators were struggling to keep up, so a more professional interpretation might help).