Murder Princess

Genre: Action
Score: OK
Rating: 15 for violence
Length: 6 episodes

When the court is attacked and the king killed, his daughter Alita escapes. She runs into a Falis, a mercenary and bounty hunter – and since she was running quite fast, the two of them fall off a cliff. For reasons unexplained, this results in the two women’s souls swapping bodies: the violent warrior occupies the body of the well-loved princess, while the meek but determined princess is in the body of a warrior. Alita engages Falis’s services, first to take back the castle and defend the country, and second while impersonating her to lead as best she can.

The relationship between the two main characters is quite interesting. For a dangerous loner, the change to having the responsiblity of a country on her shoulders is interesting to watch, while the princess must adapt to ways of doing what she needs without the power or respect she’s used to. I’d have liked to see more of this.

But sadly, this is only a six episode mini-series, so it was inevitably going to be a little disappointing. Along with the character development and a healthy dose of blood and guts, they must keep the plot moving fast in order to reach any sort of conclusion in time. The story takes some interesting (if silghtly predictable) turns, and I think if it had been given the space to develop properly it could have been a lot more fulfilling.